Cali Weed Strain UK

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THC – 24%

Helps With: Stress, Depression, Anxiety

Feelings: Hungry, Sleepy, Relaxed

Negatives: Paranoid, Dizzy, Dry Mouth


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Before you consider to Buy Cali Weed Strain UK Online, you have to read the following important information carefully.

This Cali weed strain offers fruity and citrus flavors with spicy hints of coffee as well as Kush. It got its name from the popularity of Kush varieties in its namesake state. Growers say this strain produces buds that are large and dense.

Cali Weed is a hybrid marijuana strain grown in California and known to provide uplifting, energizing effects.

Best Cannabis Strain For Depression UK

Best Cannabis Strain For Stress UK

Best Cannabis Strain For Anxiety UK

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2 reviews for Cali Weed Strain UK

  1. Jude N

    the best, 100% recommen

  2. Santana

    mucho amor

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